Somebody with a very small and hairy penis
I thought I had a small penis until I had a shower with the lads after the game. It was full of womble Cock!
by Lee Hacksaw February 4, 2009
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A person who actively searches for stuff to be a complete cock about. Often not content with using the subject once, will collect and recycle them for the next person to bear the brunt of the cock outburst.
Stop being a complete cock and complaining and about everything, you bloody Cock Womble!
by Stella Artois May 29, 2017
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The act of a gay man roaming public open spaces in search of a sexual encounter
"I see George Michael has been caught cock wombling on Hampstead heath again"
by chismspasm July 7, 2012
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An idiot that dosnt think and walks around like a twat
(Guy trips over nothing) you are a cock womble
by Manswitthetime October 8, 2019
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a cock womble is a person that is a complete prick
Andrew: You know David? hes a bit of a cock womble
Aaron: Yea i know
by carrots are healthy December 31, 2019
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Someone who plays around with your dick but doesn't take it any further
You're such a cock womble, goddamn girl.
by WockRomble March 16, 2018
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Someone who is in total admiration of their own perceived achievements. Often the achievements are day to day achievements that others take for granted like wiping their bum or blowing their nose. Often people who are cock wombles overuse winningest as the way to describe themselves.
I am Jason and I am the winningest poker player of Black Dog Poker. I am also the winningest at not inviting my friends over for a swim and for fixing an over priced mid life crisis audi. I am also the winningest at being the whiniest pom outside of England. Jason is a cock womble.
by The real Black Dog Poker August 29, 2022
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