Pronounced (wm wm)

A term to replace the word woman, because a wom wom is not good enough to have the word "man" in her name.
Maggie tried to pass the driving test. Unfortunately, she failed because she is just a wom wom.

Hilary wanted to be President. Too bad she is a wom wom.

I only bought 3 lemons. The wom wom wanted 12. I should have known the wom wom wanted "show" lemons.
by Brett Favree October 24, 2010
Wom is a mysterious word that popular Twitch streamer/TikToker/YouTuber AvaJC coined in mid-2021. Nobody quite knows what it means yet, but Ava has promised to reveal the meaning of the word when it's she hits 100k subscribers on YouTube or 200k followers on Twitch. She encourages her viewers to comment 'Wom' on TikToks, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, and Twitch streamers' chats with no context whatsoever.

Some meanings that have been guessed by viewers follow:
Wombat, Word of mouth, Women of Minecraft, and some believe that it has no meaning, or just means wom.
AvaJC: *exists*
Her entire Twitch chat for at least the first 10 minutes of the stream: WOM WOMWO WOMWO WMOMOWMO WMOMO MOW WMOMWM
by Mafifi September 26, 2021
A word created by _avajc_ and CeaLion to comment below mcyt's posts.
by So0tsy October 1, 2021
A very cute dog or a female Portuguese Water Dog you own or just met.
Omg that is such a cute wom wom where did u get it
by Jbrown23 July 9, 2021
A joke on TikTok started by _avajc_ where you basically just say “wom” in the comment section of every single video.
person 1: guys please stop saying wom, it’s so annoying and cringe
person 2: wom
by Greggyleg September 30, 2021
A word that mysteriously appeared on tiktok
Tik tok user:WOM
Someone else: what's that
Tik tok user: you shall never find out
by Socialfadeaway September 27, 2021
We don't know what it means yet.
by salemwitch October 4, 2021