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The most amazing girl in the world, a girl that can laugh at you and with you. Goes by the name Migdalia or Dalia. Her kindness and sex appeal can be confused with being easy but she’s far from that. She has more self respect than Denzel Washington in “ training day”. If you ever get lucky enough to meet a wolfette, you better not ever let her go cause you are officially the luckiest man in the world. She will love you, fuck your brains out and be loyal to you and only you for ever. A wolfette is sweet, compassionate, sexy, gorgeous, and undeniably hilarious. A wolfette can be the best sister, friend, wife and mother. Never ever let go of her if your lucky enough to find one. Wolfette fan for life.
Wow I think I just met the best girl in the world, must be a wolfette.

Dude, have ever met a girl that is gorgeous with a amazing personality? Only once her name was wolfette.
by Tico wolf June 30, 2018
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A whore by the name of Dalia that sends nudes to everyone on multiple apps for validation and attention. She likes to think she's hot shit and anyone that disagrees is just a hater but in reality. She's just a piece of shit. With no self respect, no brains and no cares for who she fucks or fucks over. If you want some easy ass just send her your dick and she'll send you her address. She's that easy. Spreads for anyone after a complement or thirsts for anything with a pulse.

Almost ever guy on an app called Vent where she targets younger boys, have been sexually harsssed and chased by her. She pretends she's innocent but she's far from it. Be careful not to trust her as she's a huge liar. Her own friends will tell you this. She manipulates. She's crazy. She hates everyone including herself and uses sex to try make men approve of her. She cheats on everyone. She's more problems than Jay-Z and she's had more dick in her than a gas station glory hole. She is trash. If you get with her make sure you get tested or just cut your dick off for being that desperate you sunk low enough to want someone as used up as that. Her teeth are more fucked than her pussy. She runs her mouth almost as much as she opens her legs. Most of Chicago knows she's a slut cos most of Chicago have been in her. So you've been warned. Buy a cheap hooker instead. It's safer.
I saw your mom last night giving bj's for drinks. "Yeah she's a real wolfette" ..... remember that girl in high school that fucked the whole football team? ... "yeah she was a real wolfette" ......... she looked like a you could throw a hot dog down a hallway in her.... "damn, what a hoe, must be a real wolfette" ...... what's the female version of a basic boring Fuckboy? "I think that's called a wolfette"
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by VentHoes August 14, 2017
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