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Making an unrecoverable error within the world of warcraft, leading to a raid or group wipe.
ffs get out of the engulfing flames

Homeboy just pulled a woblin, wipe the raid, run back and rebuff.
by Jedi Master Nerd December 02, 2011
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a wanna be goon..a dude (guy) or dudette (girl) that think s they are a thug or gangsta but in all reality they are soft and suck on there moms titty
"Did you see that donk full of wanna be thugs nigga?"

"Yeah but dem tricks ain't nothin but woblins brah"
by thug lyfe 101 August 05, 2008
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Canadian goblins. They are mostly found in the mysterious dark forests of Cananda and tend to piss people off by popping out of the ground randomly and tripping people. And they are in fact overpopulating Cananda but are unable to cross its boundries and move into the US due to magical pressure involving the Tronks.
Dude, I went to Canada and it was like: Aughhh! FUCK! I hate these freaking woblins! THEY KEEP POPPING OUT OF NO WHERE! SHIT!!!!!!
by Kogan Boyer October 15, 2007
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