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A sick motherfucker who definitely knows what he is talking about. A real man.
This WizeMan was taking so much shit from one of those fools. He just lit him up and then put him down with a single word. God damn. He is one hell of a WizeMan.
by TheWizeMan August 01, 2017
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An evil man who has a strange look to him. He looks nothing like a 'Nightmaren'. He is 'Reala''s boss, and wants to defeat 'NiGHTS', who rebelled against him. Wizeman wants to take over the Wake World.
Wizeman was defeated by NiGHTS and the Wake World remained safe!
by Speedlight July 02, 2003
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One who is definitely not wise, and is definitely not a Man.
This wizeman was chatting shit. I fronted and he pussied out.
by ThumbSprain July 31, 2017
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