An idiot child that you put up for auction on ebay for $5. Even tho she is annoying she is sill helpful but that doesn't help the fact that she secretly likes a guy named legacy or something like that on xbox. Wiz Kids name is usually something like Aiden or Aydan. She also likes hands. A LOT. she also shows your gf ¨hot guys and hot hands¨
Damn is that wiz kid i bet shes obsessing over hands rn with my gf
by Daily Dose of ASS November 06, 2020
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1. What complete twats/Wizdumbies call themselves in the mistaken belief that they are somehow cool or intelligent. They often mispell everything! They actually think stupidity is cool

2. People that have NO SKILLS and complete losers!

3. A Wanna-BEE Whiz!

4. Live in their own little world where they can make up their own little words as a miserable attempt to be one of the cool people, since they never learned how to spell or read (i.e...phat, lil, spittin, blow, thick).

5. PROPER: A teenager or adult who still wizs in his/her bed so is called a wiz kid!
"DJ Wiz sits in his fetid bedroom all day wanking over his Hornby train set and making up bullshit stories whilst covered in dog fleas and nursing bruises from the last beating his fat pikey dad gave him, and he still has the nerve to call himself a wiz kid"

"Wiz Kaliflower can't sing so he spitts in an attempt to rap"

DJ big wiz still wizs in his bed, that is why he is known as the DJ wiz kid.
by MASTER WISDOM March 08, 2008
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A person who urinates as hard as possible in a public restroom in order to trick people into thinking that their dick is big.
Steven: Did you hear Jared peeing this morning? So loud. He must have a monster dong.
Mitch: Naw man. It's a trick. He's nothing but a Texas Wiz Kid.
by Ode Sauce March 03, 2017
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