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Witless Protection Program (wit less pro tek shun pro gram) NOUN. An organization devoted to saving clueless people from the consequences of their stupidity.
Molly- Did you just threaten to kill the president?

Conrad- No, I said he's going to get shot.

Molly- How would you know?

Conrad- He's GOT to, nobody's going to stand for Obama giving a million dollars to every black person in the country!

Molly- What makes you think he's going to do that?

Conrad- Oh it's obvious. You know the way all those blacks work together.

(she scribbles something on a scrap of paper).

Molly- You are going to need this number.

Conrad- Who's this?

Molly- That's the number for the Witless Protection Program.
by Maxhole June 25, 2009
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When your friends have more comebacks and sarcasm than you. Also, you have no comeback at all or strain to say something, but something stupid and useless comes out. Not so witty, go to the back of the class.

Another word for "you suck".
Witless: "I wish I'd said that."
Wiseass: "Dude, welcome to the Witless Protection Program"
by September 06, 2010
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