Someone who can't make up there mind. Says they will do something, then don't...Or gives an opinion about how they feel and changes it later.
He said he wanted to break up with his girlfriend. Then the next day he didn't want to break up with his girlfriend. He is so wishy washy.
by zone-champion January 22, 2015
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People who switch up when it’s convenient
A guy who says he doesn’t believe his girlfriend should go out without him but on the flip does the same exact thing when presented with the opportunity is wishy washy
by Blue Tick August 31, 2019
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Someone who is a flake or they cannot make up their mind.
Man I can’t believe Joe Martucci backed out again, he’s so wishy washy!
by PotatoSkins424 August 13, 2019
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Lacking in strength of character or purpose; ineffective; weak in willpower. A dosser. Also a bit Flippy Floppy, Topsy Turvy even
Richard used to be the wishy washy one, but lately Sean is prone to increased bouts of wishy washiness.
by TrickyDickB April 1, 2009
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I went to the local wishy washy. The oriental lady took care of my meat whistle with her busy hands.
by James Kratochvil November 26, 2007
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The King of muddied waters, and the master of sitting on the fence. Has the capacity to spin up so much, he'll cause a cyclone. When called out, he'll always claim to be playing devil's advocate. Usually can be found living in the north of England, and usually from the city of Hastings.
Wishy Washy: There is a law that says pigeons are not allowed within a 200 mile radius of my house

Person one: what law? Can you show me?

Wishy Washy: I'm not entertaining this. I am not a lawyer. It's just your default to ask for evidence to say "I'm right". I am the Wish Wash, prepare to be spin cycled.
by Rent Free in Hastings April 12, 2023
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