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Catch phrase from "Top Dog", a reoccurring guest on YourMomsHousePodcast, about proper form for cleaning up after doing your business in airports and various other toilets. His jeans are pulled up extremely high, which helps for the wiping down process.
Tommy Buns says, "I keep getting dingleberries in my briefs!"
TopDog say, "Don't forget to wipe down!"
by Theo Huxtables November 22, 2013
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When one smokes an already bought bag of marijuana of another person and does not have to pay for what he/she smoked.
give me a wipe down dude im fuckin broke
by tuchman1 June 23, 2009
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A person who is not who they claim to be; someone who acts in a manner that is not a true representation of themselves; a dirty character
Dave's mom is a wipedown for not picking us up from the movie
by Tekk A. April 29, 2008
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(Future tense) The cleanup that the persons, places or things require after a love act. Often referred to as toweling off when the action is taking place.
"That was spectacular... no really, I mean it. You came, you saw, you conquered... aaaaaannd now I'm gonna need thorough wipedown."
by Clark Cougar's May 20, 2005
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the quick, and usually hasty, cleaning of a public toilet seat with toilet paper before taking a dump. Usually, done hastily in lieu of a paper toilet seat cover, or in the case of a dumping emergency.
George had barely enough time for a hasty wipe-down at the taco bell toilet after he had that nasty challupa.
by Kimpy April 22, 2008
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