Web Important Person; someone whose fame results in large measure from her virtual presence, a web personality.
Beppe Grillo, before he was a viable political candidate in Italy, was a WIP, having established name recognition for himself through the worldwide web.
by bjob2940 February 26, 2013
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Luk at your lad in the corner who thinks we dont se him havin a wip.
by Tastybuilder July 27, 2008
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A vehicle such as a car, truck or even van.
Marquavius told Tommy that he was pulling up in his new wip
I went and hopped in the wip to go racing.
by Marquavius October 09, 2020
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As a verb - 'to wip' as in the act of emptying ones bowels.
As a noun - 'a wip' as in a significant amount of feacal matter
"I am just of for a wip"
"the dog seems have wipped on the floor"
by Mr wippy March 18, 2005
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