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The non-canon beautiful pairing between Wyatt Logan and Winnie Pane (yes, a window) on NBC's show Timeless.
G: Winyatt is the true OTP because when Wyatt is alone at night, all he can see in the window is his reflection and whispers softly "Wow, you are beautiful."

A: I thought Winyatt was just an odd new name for Garcyatt and what I found was even more magical than that, somehow.
by winyattforlife June 06, 2018
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A ship in the US show Timeless between Wyatt and Winnie.
Person A: *logs onto twitter* Guys, Jan hasn't renewed Timeless yet, and I think the fandom is getting a little deranged

Person B: We know, dude *gestures toward the fandom, which has literally made Winyatt ship vids*

Person A: *jumps out of a window*
Person B: Come on, man! You could've injured Winnie!
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