Corny or stupid. The term was coined by a homeless man in the metropolitan area of NY while dissing a white dude that looked like a geek.
That man who acts like he's a hot shot comedian in my computer class is a wing tip!
by Mick April 26, 2006
A peerson way out in the breez. Every event in his local/global environment blows right past him/her.
The wing-tip never consideered that the girl on his arm was a punchcard thay putout like a broken candy machine.
by Andrew Ward January 19, 2004
A collar on a shirt commonly worn with a tuxedo. It looks very cool unlike the other collars on tuxedo shirts.
Person 1: Hey, what kind of shirt are you wearing underneath your tuxedo?

Smarter Person 2: Oh, hey i'm wearing a "Winged Tip Collar" shirt under my tux!
by AJPuse February 1, 2010