An aunt with little to no interest in having children. Has much more interest in having a free and carefree life than the responsibilities of a family.
No I don’t think Miranda’s the mom friend I think she has wine aunt energy
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A woman who doesn’t have children and or doesn’t want them, and is always traveling and seeing the world. She occasionally comes to visit her nieces and nephews and brings them cool gifts from her latest adventure. Bonus points is she wears a scarf around her neck and has a cherry red Vespa.
My wine aunt is visiting!! I can’t wait to hear about what cool things she’s been up to while she’s been seeing traveling
by Therightansweryadig October 03, 2021
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A woman who claims to be liberal and open minded, but it is authoritarian, judgmental, and prone to shutting out any opinion that differs than her worldview. Often, has no children or just one, but nevertheless adopts a matronly status because of the authority motherhood lends her voice.
Karen, the wine aunt, sipped her Merlot as she cussed out people as monsters for questioning the qualifications of her favorite Democratic politicians on Facebook. She then blocked them when they asked her to eleborate.
by IronBear76 May 20, 2020
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A woman who says she doesn’t want Children, so that they can have freedoms that parents sometimes cannot have such as travelling the world. In reality though, they are unattractive, boring, quirky 40-somethings with no personality that no man would ever want to settle down with. They normally sit at home all day and bitch about men on the internet.
I don’t want kids anyway, I can just be that quirky wine aunt who’s always travelling.
by Andrew Lennon Shepard September 27, 2021
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