Tasteless, low budget, and/or involuntary users of the world's least elite OS. Pawns of the Interwebs. Newbs. Normalfags. Generally in denial of ones technical limitations.
"I thought that Bob and Alice were pretty smart, but it turns out they're actually Windows Users".
by KevinMitnick March 17, 2012
One who uses Windows as the result of a conscious decision. Usually fairly apt at doing what they want to do, but no more.
See that illogical kid over there? He's a windows user.
by KD5PBO March 2, 2006
One who uses Windows at least twice per day, including weekends and holidays. It will always mean a lot to them, especially on trips to family, friends, and coworkers.
The Windows power user is never far from his 2-in-1!
by Ohio River East November 28, 2021