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An oasis consisting of New Hampshire's 13,000 most privileged residents. In the past 20 years, nearly all of the town's development has been carried out for one single goal: to keep anyone making a salary under $90,000 out. As one would expect, "Windhamite" children have reputations for being rich brats. Almost every single Windham family owns more than one house, more than four cars, a few four-wheelers, a boat, and a country club membership. The new Windham High School gives each of its students free macbooks as part of their "21st century learning" curriculum.
Person 1: Man, Chelsea sure is a spoiled bitch.

Person 2: Yeah, that's 'cause she's from Windham, NH.
by NoMoreMoney September 26, 2010
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Windham New Hampshire is an elitist breeding town located in southern new hampshire exit 2 when your get into New Hampshire. Inhabitants are known for their extreme wealth and spoiling their kids with everything imaginable. Kids in Windham are known to drive expensive cars and blow all sorts of cash on crazy things like helicopters to the prom, BMW M series and cocaine. Windham has latley become infested with drugs due to its Surroundings of Lawerence, Lowell Ma, Pelham, and salem all of which could be considered ghettos by many standards. Windham also boasts a beautiful golf course which only the most elite from New Hampshire tend to play.
"Your from Windham, NH?"

"yea so what dawg"
"why are u dressed so ghetto riding around in a BMW, Whereing burberry?"

Cuz im ballin'!
by drpkeit August 17, 2010
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