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Wilsons is a pretty shit school all in all. If you go wilsons yes you will be almost guarenteed great GCSE grades, however you will also be guarenteed no social life or atleast no social skills. To identify a ‘wilsonian’ simply introduce them to a female and see them tremble and fidget, ultimately collapsing into a ball on the ground, saliva dribbling off their bottom lip.
Wilsons grammar school:

Functioning human 1: what do we think of wilsons?

Functioning human 2: shit

Functioning human 1: what do we think of shit?

Functioning human 2: Wilsons!
by ShalomJackie October 30, 2018
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Currently known as the Top 1 secondary school in the UK for GCSE grades, as of 2017. Despite the hard work the students must do, Wilson's consistently dominate other schools such as WCGS and attain a high percentage of A*s.
Wilson's Grammar School was originally built and founded in Camberwell by Edward Wilson in 1615, but was rebuilt in Wallington.
by DefinitionsThroughExperience October 22, 2017
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A selective state school well known for its popular drag contest and abysmal rugby league table results, frequently demolished by WCGS and occasionally by Wallington High School for Girls. Notable ex-pupils include Joey Essex, Abhishek Pathal, owner of the corner shop down the road, and Kevin Stevenson, Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double in the 3rd Harry Potter movie. At least they have a great Rubix cube club.
Bob: What school do you go to?
Jimmy: Wilson's Grammar School. Do you know it?
Bob: Is that the school who won the Sutton curling competition?
Jimmy: Yes, and I was named player of the match and won a signed Rubix cube. Lucky me!
by Milkman 212 December 08, 2017
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