hes so cute and adorable anyone could fall in love with him he also is nasty he can have a dirty mind but yet he is so trustworthy.
wilmar is so hot but yea he can be a penguin.
by wilmarthesavage April 18, 2018
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He is in a gang. He is the best and will kill you.
Wilmar will kill you
by Hijo de la gran puta December 11, 2017
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He is the best
he is wilmar
by coño mamabicho December 17, 2017
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A man who has an unsatiable appetite. Wilmars are normally curly and white. Wilmar is a good guy with a naive side, yet, has a deep mind that is worth decoding. He has unusual tastes that may amuse or astonish people. He is a good-hearted man.
You're so out of this world. You must be a Wilmar!
by Lucrecia mb March 1, 2020
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