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This is a super creative sweet and beautiful girl. She has many hidden talents and is usually very good at musical theater and or sports. She is a very mature person that sees the world differently then anybody else. She is amazing at anything that she tries and if she wants to lean something she’ll pick it up very quickly. She does very good at school and is very sensitive but covers it up sometimes with an illusion that she is tough. She is the life of the party with a lot of friends. She is very creative and usually a very good friend that can sometimes be a little too strait forward at times but had good intentions. You will definitely love any Willamina you meat.
Willamina a very pretty girl with many many talents.
by Shd wm December 03, 2018
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A bad bitch with killer dance moves. Sometimes misunderstood but really just wants to have fun.
Yo did you see Willamina at the club last night?

--Yeah man she was killing it on that pole
by ripaloo February 13, 2017
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