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A game played by two or more people, each with his or her own computer at hand. Players agree upon a Wikipedia article as the "target" before the race. On the count of three, all players click the "random article" link on the left side of the page to start each player off at a random starting point. By only clicking links on the articles, each player vies to be the first to get to the "target" page.

-Players ARE allowed to use the "back" button on the browser
-Players ARE NOT allowed to use links on the left side bar of Wikipedia (main page, etc.)
-Players ARE NOT allowed to use the "Categories" link at the bottom of the page, but other lists (e.g. Forbes 500 companies, etc) ARE allowed.
Wikipedia Racing Game:

Target: Orange (color)
3...2...1... "random article"
"Famous Russian Gymnasts" ...shit.
-Education in Russia
-Electromagnetic Spectrum
by LMLF May 13, 2011
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