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A fun little game to play, where two or more people set a starting page and an ending page, both of which are titles of articles on Wikipedia. Then, using only the links within the text of the article, the goal is to find a way to the ending page before your competitor(s).
A sample Wikipedia race:
Start: Roger Federer
End: Internet

One way is: Roger Federer, to Switzerland, to Europe, to North America, to United States, to Culture of the United States, to Internet!
by ALMN568 November 11, 2006
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A game involving two or more players with an equal amount of internet compatible computers. Two random words are selected (i.e. salmon/electromagnet. or deviled eggs/vietnam) by any means the players see fit. Then the race is on. You go to the wikipedia page of the first word. From that point you can only use links within that page, and successive pages to reach the second word. You may not use the search function. Obviously, first person to the second word wins. This is a great drinking game, if you have more than one computer.
Christine beat me in a wikipedia race from "cactus" to oral "oral sex". what a bitch
by mayor mccheez May 16, 2010
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A game played at, where you start at one random wikipedia article, and try to get to another by clicking on links in the article. What makes it a race? The links disappear from the page while you are reading, forcing you to click at a frantic pace. Beware of playing this game if you are in college, because it could do serious damage to your GPA!
Damn, I just did a 9 step wikipedia race from 'French Fries' to 'Barbara Streisand'
by Wiki Bobby October 14, 2010
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