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Someone who plays wii so much that they are always packing... a wii controller that is. Can commonly be seen congregating with fellow wiigas at places such as gamestop. If you insult a wiiga's skills u can expect to see him in court. On the wii tennis court that is.
:Dude check out Johnny. he's such a wiigga he invited all 3 of his friends to watch his virtual tennis match.
:Watch out man he's got his wii nunchuck on him and he's not afraid to use it
by Mastap8 September 27, 2009
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a person much too obsessed with the nintendo wii, instead of a better gaming system, with better games.
Guy: Dude, check out my wii! i can play all kinds of games with motion tracking stuff like Zelda and Mario Party!
Guy 2: You're such a wiigga. Get a real system and play good games, like Halo!
by roden December 15, 2007
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