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The feeling you get when you can barely move the day after using your Wii for a workout.
I'm kind of "Wii-gretting" choosing the "hard" intensity level on tonight's Wii Active session. The jumping around must have bounced my brain right out of my head.
by used2bgood1 June 19, 2009
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Following a break-up, the pictures are tearfully torn, the love-letters and mementos burned in an old oil drum, and the text and emails systematically deleted. Still, some note will survive in a forgotten pocket of the wallet, some photo underneath a pile of bills, to be discovered later, like an emotional landmine (probably by the new significant other). Even after all of these are purged, weeks, or even months later, a party will be held and a game of Wii Bowling suggested. As the party-goers pick their miis that look like Samuel L. Jackson, Hitler or Jesus, someone will inevitably scroll three pages over and accidentally select the mii of the ex of the host, bringing everyone down. The final stage of loss and nostalgia after the relationship ends.
Forrest experienced deep wii-gret when he lost his pro-status to a party crasher who was playing as his ex-girlfriend's mii.
by JeremiahBritt August 13, 2008
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