A term used mainly by gay men and women to express extreme happiness or excitement when their diva has done something amazing, shocking, or gives life by any means

See also wig scalped
"Beyoncé out here wig snatching with that Bowl Performance!"

"Did you see how Mariah came for Demi Lovato on Watch What Happens Live? I died! Wig snatched."
by User_nombre April 15, 2017
"Wig snatching" when someone, sometimes unexpectedly & abruptly, "airs out someone's dirty laundry" in front of many people. It's not normally malicious & is justified, because the "wig snatcher" is correcting a wrong, normally by "blowing up someone's spot", "throwing under the bus" or "putting someone on blast", for slander, lies or rumors, that a person or people are telling about other individuals. It's meant to cause the "wig snatchee" shame or to be exposed as a liar. Wig snatching is normally backed by truths & facts from prior events that have taken place or conversations previously had. Alibis can also be provided if warranted.
Leon always keeps it real & is an an expert at snatching wigs.

"Why are you pretending to like Isabel, after all that crap you were talking about her behind her back? Somebody is going to snatch your wig for being so fake."

Jackie got herself a wig snatching for being phony in front of a lot people.
by Black Sanchez October 29, 2013
Wig Snatched can be used to call something wonderful, beautiful or to express surprise-ment.

Similar to shook, shooketh or quaking.
Comes from 'weave snatched'.
Often written as: 'wig snatch', 'wig snatcher' or 'wig gone'.
Got my wig snatched with that voice holy shit

smash bros 2k18 special move: wig snatch

by IchWilleDieTod November 13, 2018
wig snatched means your blown away by some kind of performance given by an artist.
BTS: does dionysus
armys: wig snatched
by taexri June 7, 2019
Being surprised or caught off gaurd
When I saw the pigment on the eye shadows I got my wig snatched
by HamforHam August 26, 2018
When someone posts a BOMB selfie and your wig flies all the way to Mars
Crush: posts a selfie that is good enough for the gods

Me: wig snatched and detached
by Pinto fried bean September 7, 2018
Being so suprised that your "wig" is snatched
Damn! Her signing got me wig snatched!
by Weave_SNATCHED January 29, 2019