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Wideway - (Noun) The shorter and wider way of any way longer than it is wide. All sideways, driveways, highways, walkways or perhaps best explained - runways have a physically constructed wideway running in a perpendicular manner to the long way.

used as a verb......

Wideway (Verb) - making a brisk and broad physical relocation movement (often in a circular pattern) in gaining separation, ideally going unnoticed in getting the fuck out of the oncoming broad sweeping path of trouble. This preemptive measure is customarily associated and necessary in foiling high levels of drama, stress, possible trouble with the PoPo (5.0), bitter exe's, connections you owe money to on a front and don't have the cash, ass whippings, etc., etc.
Example: (used as a noun)

News Anchor: "This just in to the channel 20 news room, and as follow up to this late breaking story..... On scene Aviation Traffic Safety Board Investigators have just released the following press statement. The drunk, sleep deprivated and disoriented pilot while attempting a North to South landing approach, fucked up and came in on a East to West wideway heading. No further information regarding possible injuries and fatalities has been released. We will keep you apprised of future findings and developments."

Example - "Hurry you "stuck on stupid" mother fucker, we gotta get wideway and now! Here comes your crazy dope dealing baby momma and I heard her new boyfriend is DEA!"
by whathisnuts May 05, 2010
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When 2 people are sleeping next to each other on their backs, shoulder to shoulder, as opposed to spooning
Me and KC fit on a twin air mattress and there was no spooning involved .. We were wideways!
by Pooja232 May 22, 2008
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