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*WicKeRy* - WicKed and Blurry, in other-words also known as the Geek-God ", WicKeRy, A Prodigy ." WicKeRy the great was known though out humanity over special ops, Xbox Live. A Canadian veteran that had met virtuality, an unreal state of mind that involves inhuman strategies of war and penetrable wall shooting. He knew passed reality, other gods would envy his mystical and unspoken talent of "Radar". His little brother, KrizmiK, held amazing talent of radar that was in the blood of the, oHMa's. A family that descended unspoken routes of murder towards young adolescence that represent the new era of radar. They have no idea of the power of radar of the descendant's that have lived throughout the years. Today there are many young players that have not yet encountered the big dicks of steel of the "oHMa's", such as, PeRoXiC A little fucking faggot with a query voice and, BioniXz A 15 year old player diagnosed with throat cancer. June 19th - 2010, the two legitimate Gods of Radar, are coming back to end their quest to show no mercy to others. To terminate all living cells of the NAR (New Age Radar).
WicKeRy is the best
by WicKeRy June 07, 2010
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