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is a combination of kispy and misky is know as Krizmik the best radar player ever to live. Krizmik lives in lousiana and demolishes nerds for life. KrizmiK only uses one gun, the allmight TAR-21 with FMJ. KrizmiK is the best at everything, including life itself. he was born to rape childred who attempt to play xbox live. Krizmik calucaltes velocity and time to make his perfect shot. Its like a computer controles his mind, never missing a shot. wickey the beginer of time of radar showed krizmik his tromindous amout of skill and as he passed his legendary skills on he retires.....but as his young aprintace Krizmik shows no mercey to all..wickery comes back to rape nerds like peroxic and casey the human robot. THE BINDING OF THE OMA'S IS THE END OF ALL NERDS..
KrizmiK is the god a radar on. the desendent of WICKERY.
Krizmik and wickery are the best radar players alive.
by KRIZMIZ June 06, 2010
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