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The moment you don’t have access to any Wi-Fi signal, especially when you are on a plane that is about to take off.
Because of wi-fly, Ali failed to send his last SMS to his third wife to inform her that he had divorced her.
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by MathPlus August 22, 2018
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Having Wi-Fi internet access while flying.
While heading on a plane to Chicago, Laura was able to tweet about being on a plane thanks to Wi-Fly.
by icwish March 22, 2010
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an incredibly annoying person who frequently shuts off the wifi when his sister's friends are over.
there is an annoying wifly upstairs!
by auntieemmie August 12, 2010
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A person who flocks to WiFi like a moth to a flame
A Wi-Fly is often heard saying things like: "Let's eat there - I bet they have WiFi ... Is there WiFi here? ... Are you on the WiFi? ...What's the password?... The WiFi's not working (sigh)."
by Wi-Fly Mom February 09, 2014
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