Baiscly when someone on VR chat trys to get our of the "do you know da wae." almost all of the knukels chase after them saying "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING
"Do you know da wae?" "no go away"
(Non believer runs away)
"WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!!!" why are you running?
by Meme deffinitions January 19, 2018
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A sentence, which got quite popular during the Ugandan Knuckles meme on VR Chat.

It originated from a Nigerian movie called "Pretty Liars 1" and was used in VR Chat basically everytime the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe went after someone, who ran away from them.
Potential queen: "WTF is this?" *is running away*
Ugandan Warriors: *chasing after her* "Why are you running?!"
by Nibyroo March 22, 2018
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