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When someone says something and you laugh at them you say whoop dee do!!!!
by TheTruthKingWezzy February 11, 2017
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Whoop Dee Do is a term that is used when expressing sarcasm towards a certain event. For example, a bunch of people go crazy over a new pillow being promoted or some crap like that.

Or if a bunch of people went freakin' wild over a new pair of shoes. You probably wouldn't think of it as a big deal, because, well, it's just a pair of shoes. The same thing goes for pillows and other inanimate objects.
*At the mall, a bunch of people get excited as hell over a new mattress*

You: Well, whoop dee do, what's the big deal about a mattress? I mean, it's just a mattress, right?
by JellyBean600 October 19, 2018
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