The noise stoners use to express shock, excitement, sadness, anger...well pretty much any emotion.
4) Whoa dude! You scared me...

2)Whoa dude...I'm so excited to eat MacNcheese tonight!

0)Whoa dude...why'd you kick my cat...
!)Whoa DUDE! Why'd you Kick my CAT!!!
by SRB Rabbit October 25, 2009
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1.When you see something crazy, awesome or stupid.

2.When someone tells you that an ugly girl thinks you're cute.
1. Hey did you see Derek land that 360flip rock n roll to fakie?

Yeah. whoa dude.

2. Dude that fat chick over there thinks you're hot.... just thought I'd tell you.

Whoa dude. that's nasty.
by aemracer1320 November 12, 2007
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When a psychedelic employee likes to mix colour pencils and colour drugs in your sandwich at Subway.
TheOdd1sOut: Whoa, dude. My sandwich tastes like colours...
by the Sun is a deadly February 15, 2021
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