when a whore knocks you out and takes all of the money in your wallet.
damn i just go whoed out by that whore last night.
by aanderson97 April 13, 2011
the lamest and oldest joke in history. A dumbass cartoon character says this when something or someone happens to cover their eyes.
Asshole: I’m going to be a bitch and cover your eyes *does that*
Idiot: hey who turned out the lights???🤓
Me: He just covered your eyes, dumbass you know what he did.
by pantaking69 July 1, 2022
Third Studio Album by The Who released December 15,1967.
The Who Sell Out
1."Armenia City In The Sky" (Keene) - 3:12
2."Heinz Baked Beans" (Entwistle) - 0:57
3."Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hand" - 2:04
4."Odorono" - 2:16
5."Tattoo" - 2:42
6."Our Love Was" - 3:07
7."I Can See for Miles" - 4:17
8."I Can't Reach You" - 3:03
9."Medac" (Entwistle) - 0:57
10."Relax" - 2:38 1
11."Silas Stingy" (Entwistle) - 3:04
12. "Sunrise" - 3:03
13. "Rael 1" - 5:44
by Taxman September 17, 2006
Person 1: Can anyone smell that??

Person 2: Yeah that stinks!!!

Person 1: Who let Polly out?? ... who ever it is has dropped and gone!!
by Hihohessy September 28, 2009
only the greatest saying to procede with the action of pissing someone off
britttany: dude just shut the fuck up! i dont want to fucking talk to you!!!
renee: who pissed out your birthday candles?
by shitoutmyass April 23, 2010
Usually referred to as a black person. When used you are asking who let you out of your cage at the zoo.
Hey Curtis who let you out ? How'd this one get out?
by Chimp you out February 3, 2016
usually a term used when your friend tells you this crazy story about what he did you automatcilly have to call him a maniac or psycopath and then you have to tell them "who let you out of the asylum!?"
Haro: so i was fuckin blown right now and then i didn't know who Tobar was

Andrew: Damn! foo you a maniac, Who let you out of the Asylum!?
by El Equis June 6, 2009