When someone’s skin tone is in between being to white person’s and a lightskin.
Jordan: Yo Jada is a fine ass lightskin
Pierre: Nah bro, she’s definitely whiteskin
by certifiedpluto February 17, 2023
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A person that is mixed with White and African/Carribean heritage. Not to be confused with Lightskins who have light brown skin, white skins usually have fair to whiter skin. White skins typically have curly or mixed curly hair and an African type nose. They are like lightskins, just a bit whiter.

Notable whiteskins out there are Blake Griffin, Klay Thompson, and Logic.
Person 1: why is that white guy overthere talking with black lingo.

Person 2: he has curly hair, prolly just a whiteskin.
by MajorFinesse March 19, 2019
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What white people should use instead of the n word but use it as if they are saying the n word
“What’s up my whiteskin
Whiteskin imma fuck wit ya”
“What u bangin whiteskin”
“Whiteskin th fukk u talm bout”
“Look at you, now look at us.... ALL MY WHITESKINS LOOK RICH AS FUCKKKK”
by My whiteskinnnnn August 20, 2019
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