A user that is new to a Discord server. As they are new they are not accustomed to the culture or norms of the server and have not acquired any roles beyond the default role which causes the user's name to be white in color. These users are typically oblivious to server rules and are most often inactive and out of touch. The name is usually used in a derogatory way by server members in a fashion not unlike the Senior-Freshman school hierarchy.
Whitename: haha epic dab kill ni**ers

Server Veteran: Fucking whitenames always trying to be edgy for attention.
by Weesterner June 8, 2018
A person who is new to DayzRP roleplay community and who always loves carrying minimun 5 maximum 20 weapons. A whitename also likes building doom forts and stashes with half of the server loot.
Colorname: Hey do you see this whitename with 5 weapons?
Another colorname: Yeah man he also has a ghillie LOL! XD!
by Hardcore roleplayer June 30, 2020
whitename is a term associated by members of a Discord server that are usually stupid, oblivious to the rules, don't speak English, repeatedly make the same offense, don't have an IQ higher than 50, and most likely have a GPA of 2.0 or lower.
Bro you see that guy texting in the official Orange Juice Gaming BS server, he is such a whitename.

Dude you're so fucking stupid omfg. Dumbass whitename.
by perc O_o March 21, 2021