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Town of 700 in Wisconsin. We once had a black family in Whitelaw but they were quickly expelled. Drug charges I believe. They were my neighbors. We also have something called Wienerfest, not as gay as it sounds. You can come, dress up like a wiener in the parade, eat wieners all weekend and listen to bands while eating your wiener and drinking your beer. It is no exception to Wisconsin, we pound a lot of beer and pussy. Not to be confused with the sh*t town St. Nazianz.
person 1 "where did Jamal and LaKifa go?"

person 2 "they didn't last too long in Whitelaw"


person 1 "what should we do?"

person 2 "lets go eat some wieners and dump some beers"
by Whitelaian 1 November 08, 2011
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Whitelaw is also known in the stoner eyes as a law that you DONT have to follow and it makes it so your INCAPABLE of getting arrested. Its like a force field of amzingness. If you know a Whitelaw then give them all your offerings because they will eventully equipt you with secrets of the WHITE-LAW!!!
Boy- Who is that bitch over there, touching everyones nipples without even a thought of sex-offending charges?

Other boy- Oh I think I might have heard of that gurl before

Boy- Well then, hook me up with some info bro!! Who is she?

Other boy- Oh shit man if you dont know I should tell you........ Mutha fucking MEG DIZZLE WHITELAW

Boy- Oh... I know her
by Meg Drizzle January 11, 2011
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