A term that was heard first in 2016
It is used by Asians, especially Chinese Internet users to describe someone who takes Liberalism way to far.
For example, someone who believes in over 60 different Genders and gets offended when you use the wrong pronoun is a white liberal.

It is also used to describe a Liberal of white Skin color which might lead to confusion sometimes.
"Look man you cant go around Calling a Alexigender, Enbyfluid, are you a Nazi or something?"
"Please just leave this Chatroom you White Liberal Scum, no one gives a fuck about your fantasy gender"
by Another Faggot on the Internet November 9, 2017
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A white person who projects white guilt and is ashamed to be a white person. These fuckheads display very abnormal and unnatural likeness for black people.
John - A black man raped and then killed three minor young white girls execution style.

Jane - I'd say death penality is the most inhumane and barbaric punishment a human can impose on other.

John - Are you fucking kidding me? You bitch! You fucking white liberal knight!
by Ace4077 December 7, 2019
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A white person who appears to be liberal in theory but is secretly racist, homophobic, ableist,classist, etc in practice.

Someone who can quote Audre Lorde and has a “Believe Women”, “BLM” and “Abolish ICE” sticker on their laptops but will refuse to actually believe women of color when being told that they are using their white privilege to harm rather than to heal.

People who pretend to be woke by putting virtue signaling stickers on their laptops but do not actually stand for those values when it comes down to it.


White Person: *does something racist*

Person of Color: Do you have capacity to talk about why that felt racist to me?

White Person: No, also I’m not a racist.

Person of Color: Okay, when will you?

White Person: It’s my “boundary” that you stop talking.

If you believe in systemic racism why do y’all act so furious and defensive when people of color express to you personally that something you did was racist?

Like how do y’all Laptop-Sticker-White-Liberals believe all the science and numbers and history of systemic racism but the buck stops when someone expresses you’ve personally been racist it’s just suddenly unfathomable?

Racist actions can happen whether you intend for them to or not. You can’t just deny something is racist to a person of color and shut them out just because it’s too uncomfortable for your fragile white ears to hold onto. And it sure as hell isn’t a boundary to silence queer brown voices post you hurting them.
by ShivSpeaks February 28, 2021
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