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A common occurance in white girls in which they either have really really big tits and no ass, or they are flat chested with the nicest ass you've ever seen.
Adam: Dam check that girl out Dalton.
Dalton: Yah, but its a shame that shes got white girl syndrome.
Adam: The fuck??
Dalton: That chicks got a huge ass but no tits.
by sukma bawls June 09, 2009
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1:When people in horror movies try to run, but trip on air and doesn't try to get up.When they don't trip, they stay still, scream, and get killed anyway. Due to the name, it is almost always white girls who experiences these moments in horror movies.

Extra symptoms of white girl syndrome is the killer being able to teleport into rooms that the White girl is about to enter, and getting scared by small bump-ins with fellow cast members.

(by little brother)
Person 1:Why did she just stand/sit there and get killed?
Person 2:She has White Girl Syndrome.


Black Girl: Don't open that door!

White Girl: *Opens then gets hatchet in head*
Black Girl: I told you not to go in there.
by dreamwithnic May 25, 2014
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When am amazing white girl is duped into a relationship by an immature prick of a boy who then tries to chat up a work colleague by telling the colleague that the amazing white girl and him only went for drinks once and the girl fabricated a relationship and named it White girl syndrome even though hes white himself...
Girl: I thought you were seeing that amazing girl from our other office...??
Bellend of a bloke: Yeah, not really. We went out for drinks once and now she thinks we are in a relationship. She has white girl syndrome!! So can we fuck or what?
by hotfemale1984 November 19, 2014
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