A caucasian that embraces and is assimilated into black culture. As opposed to a wigger who ebraces the culture but does not gain acceptance by the community.
by Brain September 13, 2004
A totally fine white male that attracts women and men of all colors. Usually physically fit and extremely appealing without knowing it. Shy and reserved around strangers. If your lucky enough to get a peice of white chocolate he melts in your mouth and leaves a little left over on your chin.
As a conquest white chocolate keeps the fact that he has ben conquested to himself while slipping you the occasional shy smile when he sees you.
Lisa, look at that tasty peice of white chocolate over there!
Damn girl, he's fine!
I'm gonna get me a bite of that!
Watch it girl, run at him to fast and you will scare him away.
by Lori Anne August 29, 2010
Usually a suburban, caucasian, teenaged to young adult male, adopting habits of dress, speech, and lifestyle of the african american ghetto mystique.
by Scootyloo January 18, 2003
A person who tries hard to act black or like a gangster but fails like it's his job.
You know you are a White chocolate if:
You have the skin tone of snow but wear chains and bling and talk like you're straight from the ghetto

Try to rap or beebox but end up sounding like recordings of a Fart Machine

Act like you're tough, toned, and like a mugger but look like you jumped into a vat of bleach

by Jo and Ryan January 14, 2009
Nickname for a White Person thinks they're black. Typically this people dress with 50 cent attire, and or baggy jeans. Talk with a Ebonics accent. Hangs out with the whole Ebony club.


Nickname for just a Really cool person.
John: Who's driving that Purple Camaro???
Sam: That White Chocolate kid...
John: Oh I know that kid! Dude he's like the most chill person I know.
Sam: Right???
by Whitechocolate32137 May 7, 2010