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When a girl gets fucked in the ass and your sperm coagulates in her anus. She then takes a shit and it comes out covered in white jizz. Hence White Chocolate.
Wow that was a pretty gross white chocolate.
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When a guy is a guy or a girl anal and he cums in their ass as they shit on the guy's dick
Omg, they just pulled a white chocolate...dutty
by cooltingz March 23, 2011
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it is the opposite of choclocate, it is made from milk and has no coca added to it, which makes it white
by Marta February 19, 2005
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A definition of a white person who speaks and dresses similar to a black person but has developed a culture of his own. These peoples use many ghetto terms such as refering to eachoter as niggas. They frequently are more diverse than blacks due to their rarity. White Chocolate's are often racist.
Negro 1: Yo, you see that white chocolate sayin' nigger?
Negro2: Yeah I see him. Lets rape the shit out of him.
by White Chocolate the rapper December 16, 2005
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A White Man or White boy Who is influence by black culture and hip pop. Who date and like black women or girls.
This White Chocolate is fine, his down with the brown.
by LOVECARINE May 6, 2020
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a guy who is named Daniel and he is white and have a big penis that every girl wants
by I love penis January 18, 2016
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A person generally associated with the definition of African-American and dark black skin, while maintaining a surprisingly and often deceiving personality shared with nerdy white people.
Cop 1: "Let's pull that guy over he's black!"
Cop 2: "Good idea!"
White Chocolate: "May i help you officer, i was just enjoying my chamomile tea!"
Cop 1: "False alarm just a White Chocolate."
by Jungle Whale June 26, 2010
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