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Largely misinterpreted as the scum center of unincorporated King County, Washington, White Center is in fact much more than a scum center. It is much more than a collective of toothless hookers, violent pimps, and dangerous minorities, though it does contain such seedy elements. It was where Richard Hugo, a prominent American poet once nominated for the National Book Award, grew up and drew much
of his artistic vision. So, this place can't be all that vacuous. It is a place of happiness, loss, sadness, love, despair, murder, thievery, generosity, diversity, life, and death. It encapsulates all that the human experience can offer. I should know because I grew up there. This piece of South Seattle is both shitty and beautiful.
Nothing dies as slowly as a scene.
The dusty jukebox cracking through
the cackle of a beered-up crone--
wagered wine--sudden need to dance--
these remain in the black debris.
Although I know in time the lake will send
wind black enough to blow it all away.

-Richard Hugo, White Center poet
by SexyGravy February 28, 2009
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A small area of unincorporated King County south of Seattle and north of Burien. Population consists of mainly Southeast Asians, Russians, Latinos and white trash and ghetto blacks. There are lots of Cambodian, Vietnamese and Mexican businesses (grocery, video, clothes, eateries), pawn shops, bars and some recent developments. The place can seem intimidating and at first, but the people are actually friendly. If you don't start shit and act like you are the shit then shit won't happen to you. Lots of places to eat if you are into Southeast Asian and Mexican cuisines. Best time to go are in the daytime since gang activity at night is still something of a concern.
The Vietnamese pho place in White Center had awesome pho, but was dirty as hell just like way back in the old country.
by SecretSeattleMan April 03, 2011
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A town between Burien and Seattle filled with bars and porn shops. The scum center of unincorporated King County.
White center is like Mos Eisley... only worse.
by Bdizzleforshizzle June 04, 2005
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Neighborhood in Seattle. Quite possible the worst area in the king county . Its like the compton of seattle. yeaa...dont go there, its pretty ghetto.
Dont go to white center unless you want to get robbed.
by ilikesex December 04, 2006
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white center fucking sucks.
it's made up of an albertsons, a library, porn shops, bars, mcdonalds, and the rest is like the fucking projects.
Everyone's rude and they thinks they're the shit.
The schools and bus system FAILS.
It just fucking sucks all around, don't go there unless you wanna get robbed or shot...
Person 1: Hey, aren't you from White Center?
Person 2: YEAH!
Person 1: Damn that sucks.
Person 2: Yeah I know.
by asdfghjkl321456 October 19, 2008
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