White savior refers to western people going in to “fix” the problems of struggling nations or people of color without understanding their history, needs, or the region’s current state of affairs.
Invisible Children aims to hold the solutions of three American filmmakers above the African activists who have lived and worked in the affected communities their whole lives. Talk about white saviors.
by loopdeloop97 March 9, 2012
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A white liberal who feels the need or feels pressured to uplift, take a stance, fight, “love” and, educate the people of color or their fellow white folk to make them “woke”. they feel morally superior to everyone else and vote democratic like their life depends on it. They can’t stand a person of color who thinks for themselves and rejects the victimhood way of life. The POCS enemy is not a racist, their true enemy is a white savior/ liberal.
I don’t need a white savior , he has never been in my shoes , he has never seen what I have seen so how would he know our obstacles?
by WokeWhiteCancer April 9, 2021
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White person who thinks that Africa or any other impoverished area will become rich by giving themhandouts. When in reality plenty of cities have become rich in a period of 20/30/40 years by just not restricting growth with high taxes or burdensome regulation making it impossible for economic mobility to be high . For example see TokyoMany black cities like Detroit have most of their politicians be black yet fail to help black people. The issue as most of the time is politicians. But donating half of your Walmart change may cure a little of that white guilt democrats suffer.
Jimmy: I donated 500 dollars to the ADL(Anti defamation league)
Lamar: And you think that because I am black I support the ADL? You really consider yourself a white savior,don't you?
Jimmy: Now you are making me feel white guilt
by TheRedTomahawk September 13, 2019
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Racist white supremacists who think they're not racist. They can be identified by their common behavior where they believe they have the right to speak on behalf of people of other ethnicities.
White Idiot: I'm offended for you
Non-white person: Don't, you disgusting White Savior
by PomuHub June 10, 2022
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