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a name used by people in the party scene for the drug Cocaine.
I sure could go for a nice cup of white coffee..
by Jones Valusse November 22, 2016
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The opposite of black coffee. Where black coffee has no cream or sugar, white coffee has loads of sugar and mounds of cream, thus giving it a white appearance.
Mostly drunk by trendy American college kids at Starbucks who like to be "hip" by drinking coffee even though they can't stand the flavor.
Trendy kid 1: "Hey, man, you wanna get some coffee? It's totally groovy!"

Trendy kid 2: "Sure, man, let's go to Starbucks, where all the rad kids hang out!"

Trendy kid 1: "I'll have a tall frappucino with an overpriced sandwich."

Trendy kid 2: "And I'll have a regular coffee, but put lots of cream and sugar in it. I only drink white coffee."
by Izzy del Bosque June 14, 2011
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I'm so struggle bus right now, I need some of that white coffee to get me through the rest of this day.
by Allisynwonderland June 01, 2018
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When you jizz in to some ones coffee then not tell them until they have drank it
Jack - here's a coffee Jodie

Jodie - Thank you
5 minutes later......
John - You know that was a white coffee
Jodie - You dirty pig fuck you
by Onhhh March 01, 2017
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