When white racists and supremacists in the name of Christian nationalism want others to believe that they are the anointed and the righteous, when God’s righteousness has been credited to all believers of Christ by grace, who receive it by faith and not by works, regardless of their race, color, or social status—when God made Jesus who had no sin to be sin for all believers, so that in Him they are considered “right” in God’s eyes.
Trumpublicans, January 6 “patriots,” and morally bankrupt GOP members want those who don’t look or think like them to believe that white privilege is a divine gift, which should prevail in all spheres of life at all times and in all places, turning a blind eye that white ≠ right and white ≠ might.
by MathPlus June 28, 2021
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If you have a white skin color you are correct about anything and everything without argument
White is right is a term used when talking to a minority showing them your superiority
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When a visible minority speaks by anunciating every word in a sentence perfectly.
Wow, see-hang, you sounded right white just then.
by Rightwhiteannunciation July 15, 2017
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