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When you hijack someone's post on Facebook to type 5 paragraphs about how you talked on the phone to the Chief Engineering Officer of the Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), no matter how true it was, and then you delete it because it's completely irrelevant... you might have whiskey fingers.

When you cheer yourself on for posting 2 Tweets with exactly 140 characters... you might have whiskey fingers.

When you comment on your brother's in-laws families post about Blackberry using the phrase "RIM job" and then giggle for a half hour straight, well - you probably have whiskey fingers. (Then forget to delete it, but luckily everyone involved finds it funny because RIM is doing so poorly on the market. Thankfully you read things while you're sober and have some small understanding of the tech industry.)

When you spend more than like 5 minutes adding some bullshit entry to Urban dictionary cause I don't fucking know why but I'm going for a smoke now.
Oh man. Oh, FUCK man. I drank like a fifth of... some kind of whiskey. Man. I am so highly intoxicated right now, I am like... INEBRIATED. My fingers are just typing because of the whiskey.

I think I have whiskey fingers.
by whiskey_fingers November 09, 2011
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When you are too drunk to finger someone before passing out.
Sally: I tried to rub one out last night, but I got whiskey fingers!!!
Harold: You sure it wasn't just being lazy?
Sally: Probably!! Lol I pulled a Tommy.
by Hnwillis January 28, 2016
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