Something you say when something is dope, great or exciting.
Yo klo I got a 60 of vodka for us to inhale tonight

WHIP DAB baby dad, I’m so ready to drink my face off
by DJDANNYB October 9, 2019
A move so powerful if you do them all at once you will literally obliterate all of South Africa. This is an unholy power and should not be used at a joke.
Caden: Hey Avery u r gay
Avery: *Whip dab nae nae's* no u
Caden: *Fucking dies*
by TheRanger1091 April 2, 2018
can u whip can u dab
can u pipe dat up

can u work the sexy walk leg up leg down
trashy 101

can you whip can you dab
by ikuracow June 15, 2017
Dabbing,whip and nae naeing is cringe and died 293749384938 million years ago.
Dabbing,whip and nae naeing is cringeworthy.
by Zorro is doggo,Yeah CAM June 27, 2018