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The best lights and sirens manufacturer ever!
Brightest loudest and continually revolutionizing the business with led's strobes and sirens and switchpacks.
Wail!!! Scream!!!!!yelp.yelp.....Hear that? That was a Whelen for sure!
by Jag III November 13, 2004
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Well whelen has a wide varied background.
It all satrted on the way to an 18th b'day partay. There was a construction truck and there was a yellow luminous jacket on the side so my dear friend decided to go acquire it so she grabbed it and we all ran off.
So then we see it has Whelen written on the back and we are amazed.
and then by a series of events became more of a personaility then just a jacket.
Whelen is 3 people:
1. The WhelenMister : Anna
2. Whelen : Me
3. Whelen 2 : Richard
by Tractor_girl June 23, 2004
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buy the domain for your foodie site
and lee-ann - whelen 5000
and alex who is the official whelen 2 (richards a bum)
and naomi whelen 4000!
oo yeah, and jasmin... who is poo
Anna: WHELEN!!!!
Everyone else: WHEEELEN!!!!
Jasmin: POO!!!!
by THE WHELEN MEISTER June 26, 2004
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