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The name of an imaginary bar or club. It's used primarily as an alibi when someone you don't want to hang out with asks where you are. Either they will believe it's an actual location and do their best to find it (which of course they won't), or just come to the realization you are drunk and stop texting/calling you.
Text from annoying person: Dude I just made it down to Philly. Where you at?
Text from you: Whef
Text from annoying person: Never heard of it.
by BuhBye January 17, 2018
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The squishy sound made by a woman's vagina when she is noticeably wet. Usually made when she opens or closes her legs. sometimes made when she is dry-humping.
When my girlfriend was dry-humping my leg, I could hear her wheffing, meaning I could skip the foreplay.
by Magnum91 January 10, 2018
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