Hoshna’s other name, ykno ? The cute little rata (rat, puppy) that junior luvs with every inch of himself.

Wheezly is a cute rata 🐀 that saved june wick from himself and was there to give him the emotional salvation that he needed at a time in life

Wheezly is a brown ret with sharp teeth that likes to snap and always cared for willybone and poachy smalls.

Born on 23 January 2014 and slept with junior in his bed every night and has over 600 names. Can occasionally be called kitty hosney

An evolved version of wheezy

Aww lookie da wheezly, she’s cute !” -junior, probably

“AAAAUGH, she bit my ass!” -Wendybone, 2015

“Come here wheezly” -poshwitz, in bed

“Where’s wheezly !?!” -junior the forbidden one

Wheezly is the cutest and I choose her over any girl in my DMs, no one compares to the snout
by Misfired December 13, 2021