It's the day of birth of some of the most handsome people out there
"Do you see this handsome man?"
"Surely he is born on the 23 January"
by TristanJ October 17, 2019
The day where legends are born and they are funny, cute, amazing, and kinda dumb but it’s ok because your a legend.
January 23 is where the greatest people of all time are born.
by Isabel Young October 30, 2019
If you're born on this day (or any day in January) You're hot as fuck. If you're dating someone with this birthday do NOT let them go, ever.
Hey dude what's your girlfriend's birthday?
Oh it's January 23
Dude that's sick! I bet she's dope as fuck
by Jellybabh October 23, 2019
January 23 is the day where people like Panagiotis are born. That means only the best and most amazing people are born in this day. Also they are cute and funny and a little stupid. They are tall and sweet and if you have this kind of people in your life don’t let them go!!
January 23 is one of the best days to be born
by Your stupid best friend._. November 16, 2019
y’know this birthday is kinda cool.. y’know 1/23? if you’re born on this day, you’re cool aswell!!
“my birthday is on january 23rd, 1/23

“thats sick bro
by a random.person October 17, 2019
Today is the rapper "XXXTentacion"'s birthday
Person 1: Today is january 23!

Person 2: And?
Person 1: Its XXXTentacions birthday
by Daily usefulness November 9, 2019