Hoshna, aka wheezly, or sofi. The rat (or puppy) of junior Grimes

Born 23 january 2014, known as being the emotional support for junior during his worse time of existence and the closest emotional bond old J had that kept him from fully embracing the darkness.

For wheezly is the cutest little rata that kept junior, poachy and wendybone happy (and tortoise) but since nothing lasts forever the inevitable occurred which only further secured juniors transformation into The Forbidden One.

most emotional attachment probably besides winy, but that’s another topic

Hoshna (or sofi possibly) is the first name given to her with her first words known as “bogashlova”

Also has different other names knowing junior grimes and his juniorisms and devious ways.

Famous for being the only rat (doggy) that can talk

Hoshna is forever the heart of junior the egomaniac and poshy and willybone

Hoshna, wheezly, da Ret is the cutest. 🐀
Junior: *crying in his bedroom*

Hoshna: *appears in his bed* ruff

Junior: 0-o ?

Hoshna: *wags tail*

Junior: awwww she’s so cute ! Ay que bonita !!

Hoshna: mm,


Willybone: *playing fortnite late at night*

Hoshna: do you have any idea what time it is?! Get in the room fatty!


Hoshna is a 🐀 and cute animal who is forever immortalized
by Outlooker of omens December 3, 2021