Cadeba is another use of the word “whatever” or “who cares”. It can be used as a saying meaning simply.. ‘whatever’
Most often used by saying “Whateva cadeba
Lexi: Did you finish the homework for physics?
Andrew: Ah no, I was busy feeding families
Lexi: Oh that be some cheeks
Andrew: I can definitely just finish it in class, whateva cadeba 🤷🏽 ♂️
by LargestSpoon October 16, 2018
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another way of saying "SO WHAT", "i dont care", "i dont give a sh-t" , "it really doesnt matter to me"
by pwilsa April 17, 2006
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In crunk terms: Do something and don't be afraid. Termed from the ignorant in a little neighborhood in the Ne district of Dallas, Texas.
Person1: You wanna go pop that jo. Person2: Whatever-Whateva!!!
by T-man November 4, 2004
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Means that your beautiful/ cute. & the "whateva" is just to seem that your complimenting but then don't mean it.
That girl is bute or whateva
by Younce May 14, 2016
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Just another way to say whatever trevor. However, people tend to say this when they're in a chirpier mood, whereas alot of people who say whatever trevor are really saying 'ok, I'm just going to agree with you for the sake of it so you will shut up'.
Jack: "Yo Sarah, you mind if I ride wit you?"
Sarah: "Ok. Treva whateva!"
by SugaMumma June 15, 2010
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1.a phrase someone uses while trying to stop short a converstion
2. an expression used by someone who doesnt care what another person has to say.
1. mom: karah do the dishes or else..

karah: yeah yeah whateva

2. emma: your so weird

karah: yeah yeah whateva
by karah and emma June 18, 2009
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